South America Day

We have moved from the Caribbean to South America in Geography now. My original plan was to have Brazilian food today, but since I had to order some of the ingredients, we had a mixture of other South American food for our lunch. Lucy made one of the salads last night, and this morning I scrambled to get going on the rest of the meal (it was our week to cook the whole meal). Eventually Lucy joined me and by working nonstop we were able to have the meal ready almost by the target time of noon!

Two of the things we made for today called for ground cumin. Wouldn’t you know it? I was all out of ground cumin. Fortunately for me, I not only have whole cumin seeds–I also have a vessel with a pestle. I almost never need my mortar and pestle, but when I do, I am very glad to have them!

Our main dish today was a Chilean type of empanadas.

10-8-15 Chilean empanadas

Now obviously, most Chilean main dishes, including empanadas, would include beef, but these vegetarian alternatives were very tasty! (Although the GF crust I used for mine was not so great.) The best part for me was that two of the girls are mushroom and olive haters, and still liked the empanadas. In fact the one who didn’t know what was in them did not guess they contained either of those ingredients!

With our empanadas, we had a Peruvian bean salad:

10-8-15  Peruvian bean salad

And can I just say, this was fabulous and I fully intend to make it again?

We also made some Chilean quinoa salad, which was a lot of work because the quinoa had to be cooked and cooled, and most of the other ingredients had to sautéed and then cooled, and then more ingredients and a dressing had to be mixed in.

10-8-15 Chilean quinoa salad

However, it was also delicious.

Finally, we made this Guyanese coconut bread, salara, for dessert.

10-8-15 Salara slice

This has been a big favorite in our family every time I teach geography (and sometimes in between), so I was very glad it is vegetarian friendly!

Oh, and by the way? Lucy is getting a home economics credit for geography also. She is earning it!


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