Early Morning Rendezvous

This morning, I had to get up extra early (5:45), make Jasper some tea, and get out the door by 6:00. We drove down the highway a few miles and pulled in to a gas station where the county extensiona agent and some other 4-H kids were waiting. They were given the chance to go to the State Fair for free, and friends from church had offered to give Jasper a ride.

It sure was early to be up and functioning, but it all worked out and Jasper got to go to the fair. He and his friend Kristin had a great time. He was kind of shocked at the price of food at the fair, though. He and our friends went around eating as many free samples as possible, and waited to buy a meal until they were on their way home.

Meanwhile, I was grocery shopping and preparing for my class and teaching my class. Tomorrow’s going to be another long day, but it should hopefully be good!


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