Lessons Learned

Today was an unusual day for me. This morning I drove to a town an hour’s drive away to attend a funeral. My dear friend Susan, who was my suite-mate in college, has devoted the last several years of her life to caring for her mother while still holding down a full-time job, and her mother passed away on Wednesday. I have known Susan for 36 years and her mother for 35! So of course I made a point of going.

Even though I might have known Clarisa for many years, there were a lot of things I did not know about her before today. It was so interesting to hear about some of the things she did as a young woman, and about her passionate involvement with Child Evangelism Fellowship. One thing really stood out in all the stories I heard today, though, and that is that everyone who knew Clarisa well at all knew that God was the top priority in her life, and that she was devoted to bringing others to God and helping them grow in their Christian walk. That is quite a legacy, and it made me wonder if anyone would think or say something similar about me. And if not, why not?

After the service there was a lunch in the fellowship hall, so I stayed for that and got to meet some of Susan’s teacher friends. (Susan is a math teacher at a private school in Dallas.) I had to excuse myself from lunch a little early because I still had an hour’s drive ahead of me to get to my autoharp lesson.

Can you believe I haven’t had a lesson since May? Because of my teaching schedule this summer, and my teacher’s travel schedule, it was simply impossible for us to get together. As a result, I kind of slacked off and got in a rut with my playing. I have reached a certain level of competence now. Arranging hymns and practicing them for church now takes a fraction of the time it did a year ago. The only problem is that the kind of playing I do for church isn’t helping me get any better as a musician, so I asked Ann to give me some challenging assignments. Now I have some motivation to practice!

I am so thankful for Ann, and so thankful I found her, because she is an inspiration to me in so many ways. We share a rather astounding number of interests and abilities (apart from music), and she is a shining example of what a godly Christian woman should be. I learn so much from her every time I go for an autoharp lesson. The life lessons are thrown in for free! What a blessing to have someone like that in my life.

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