That Dratted Arthritis

I completely forgot to post yesterday. This is what happens when you get up early in the morning. Your brain goes to bed before you do and you forget stuff.

Today was a chai party day, which meant I felt obligated to finish my painting project. I mean, I wanted to finish it anyway, but I also felt I really had to. I did finish it. My painting skills have deteriorated drastically in the last 34 years, but I decided I can live with this level of imperfection.

When I whined a little about it to Lucy, she told me I can’t help it if I have arthritis, which keeps me from painting as accurately as I once did. It never occurred to me to blame my arthritis, but I’m liking that idea more and more. “Sorry I burned your dinner. I have arthritis.” “I would have been here on time except that I have arthritis.” “I can’t help it if this project didn’t turn out as planned, because I have arthritis.” Finally something positive to do with all that pain!

I will show you photos when I am farther along in the process of transforming the space. I like it so far.

I was planning to write more tonight, but I can’t because I have arthritis.


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