A Birthday Breakfast, A Crochet Lesson, Indian Food & Sushi!

First things first. Today is Mercy’s 22nd birthday. Mercy was my smallest baby (only 9 pounds!) and the only one not born in Texas. She was born at home in Zambia. She was walking at nine months and hasn’t stopped since!

Since she no longer lives here, I couldn’t make her breakfast in bed. Instead, I invited her to come here for breakfast. I set up her breakfast on a TV tray in the living room so she could watch an episode of one of her favorite shows while she ate.

9-30-15 Mercy's birthday breakfast

It was a pretty good start to her day, I think.

After Mercy left for school, I drove up to the north side of town to teach my friend Darlene how to crochet. She wants to make some easy crocheted items as Christmas gifts, but did not actually know how to crochet. I was happy to teach her. I had her video me doing some stitches just in case she forgets how when I’m not there! I love people who are willing to just jump in and learn a new skill.

Then we went out for lunch to the Indian/Mediterranean restaurant that we both like. It was so good to get to visit with her.

Shortly after I returned home it was time to take Jasper to piano, and shortly after I brought him back from that, I took Lucy up to spend the night with a friend. On my way home, I stopped at a grocery store and got some sushi, cheese, hummus and crackers to have for supper since Mercy would be eating with us and I wanted to have something special for her. I know it doesn’t sound like a fancy supper, but she loves those things! And there was enough of the fabulous cake from yesterday for everyone to have for dessert. Well, everyone except me, of course! I felt guilty enough about eating sushi because the rice spikes my blood sugar.

Maybe tomorrow I can get back to my painting job!

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