Painting a Wall Instead of Going to a Wedding

Today, despite feeling exhausted and sub-par all day, I did get something done! I cleared everything away from the wall that I wanted to paint, and it now has two coats of paint on it. Mercy and I did it, meaning Mercy did most of it and I did what I could. We still have the door frame to paint, so there are no photos yet.

It was fun having Mercy here for much of the day, though she did have to go to rugby practice this afternoon.

There were two other places I could have been today. One was at the Texarkana Renaissance Faire. It was weird not to even go this year, when last year we had a booth. I was sorry to miss it. The other place that I wish I could have been was in New Mexico at my friend Donita’s wedding. I am so happy for her and wish I could have been there with her on her big day.

This evening Mercy showed us the rest of her China photos. She saw some beautiful places, but I noticed that some of them were very, very crowded. That would make them a lot less enjoyable for me!


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