Milk Run

Would you believe I had to run a pre-dawn errand today as well? We somehow found ourselves completely out of milk. My husband doesn’t drink milk, but he likes it in his tea, and he is not interested in substitutes, so once again I was out the door by 6:00 to go buy milk. The nearest grocery store opens at 6:00, so when I got there, they were just getting going. I discovered that they cover all the refrigerated cases with insulated blankets at night.

The main accomplishment of the day was going to the post office twice–once to buy a box, and the second time to mail the same box.

I spent the evening re-organizing my binder full of hymns for the autoharp, after chording a hymn for Sunday. I decided to finally put my hymns in the same order they are in the hymnbook, so it will be easier to find them.

At least I don’t have to feel sorry for myself tomorrow morning. I get up early on Saturdays anyway! And I’m pretty proud of myself for hanging in there with the early mornings all week. Maybe next week it will be easier.


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