Another Caribbean Interlude

Today was another Caribbean day here. It was also an early-rising day. In fact, I got up at 5:55 and was out the door by 6:00 because I needed to pick up some photos at Walgreens so I could use them to make flash cards. Then I worked on some class preparation, made our class dessert, and had breakfast, after which I felt ready to get another night’s sleep! Today was definitely an extra-caffeine day.

Lucy and Haley eventually got up and started work on today’s food, which was Puerto Rican bean stew and fry bread. Meanwhile, I continued to research more stuff about the Caribbean until the very last minute!

The food was good–I’m pretty skilled at picking recipes, even ones for food I know I won’t get to eat. We looked at a lot of gorgeous photos of various Caribbean islands and again tried to figure out a way to make a field trip happen! I even played the Beach Boys’ song “Kokomo” and had the girls listen for how many Caribbean locations are mentioned. We also talked about some history and the current tourism-based economy in the area. I love that all three of my students seem to get into the material and are willing to try the food.

After class I took Jasper and his buddy Sam to the local beekeepers meeting–not the one that’s an hour away, thank goodness! I was so, so tired and sleepy by then and would have preferred to stay home. I ended up being glad I went, just to see Jasper and Sam talking to Gabe (whom Jasper met back in the spring) and his brother and they were all so enthusiastic about bees! Beekeeping needs all the young enthusiasts it can get!


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