Early Again

Like I expected, it was harder to get up this morning than yesterday, and I expect tomorrow to be harder still. I did it, though.

I had a lot of class prep to do, especially after I realized the grammar book had a series of quizzes about topic that the book did not actually cover! So I had to create my own resources and that really put me in a bind timewise.

We watched several scenes from Much Ado About Nothing and I have no idea if the students enjoyed it or not. They are very hard to read and rarely volunteer their opinions about anything.

After my class I had to rush off to critique group. As always, my critique partners had some excellent advice for me. I am so thankful to have them. Then we had our regular writers meeting and the speaker was a writer I’ve become acquainted with over the years. She talked about writing Christian fiction and what she said confirmed that this is not what I write. I am a Christian writer who writes fiction, but not a writer of Christian fiction!

I also finished my knitting project. Now I’ve got tomorrow to prepare for Geography class on Thursday.


One thought on “Early Again

  1. I am becoming more and more convinced that kids get a sadistic pleasure out of acting as bored as possible in class just to make their teachers feel ineffective… While it’s true that there is a cold going around, my kids have been singularly non-responsive this week.


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