Trying Something New

You know what one of my biggest goals was at the beginning of this year? To start getting up early again and of course that means going to bed earlier too. I don’t know why I couldn’t seem to do it. Even though I am not by nature a “morning person,” I am honest enough to admit that I am more productive when I get going on my day earlier. And lest you think that I’ve been lolling about in bed till noon, it’s been more like 7:30.

The problem is that my husband leaves for work at about 6:45. We used to have tea together every morning until I started finding it so hard to get up, and I want to be able to do that again, so this morning I was determined to turn over a new leaf. When the alarm went off at 5:55, I got up and stayed up. I didn’t die. I had a hot drink with my husband before he went to work. The real test is going to be tomorrow and all the days after that. I promise you will hear more about this, whether you want to or not.

We got school done today and then I did something Jasper has been asking for for a long time. I helped him set up an email account. I am skeptical that anyone will be able to read his emails, but he really does need to have his own email. He is pretty happy about it!

I also went to the Mexican grocery store for an ingredient and ended up having to order it online. Cooking for geography takes a lot of advance planning!

My rush knitting project is almost done so I’m feeling a little less panicky now.


One thought on “Trying Something New

  1. I’m similar. I struggle with morning because I have insomnia. But, I’m most productive during the early hours of the sunlit day. I too am working on getting up more early which means going to bed early. Which is really hard.


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