This is yesterday’s entry that I wrote and then, uh, forgot to post:

I Hope You Talked Like a Pirate!

That’s right–today was Talk Like a Pirate Day. One of these days I guess I should put together a pirate outfit to wear on this annual holiday!

I’m sure you’ll be glad to know that I bought and paid for my things at Walmart this morning, regardless of how piratey I might have been feeling. And I only paid $1.83 for gas!

Mercy was in Dallas all day at a rugby clinic. I always knew that one of my kids might end up playing rugby, but I didn’t think it would be a daughter! She is just starting to learn and today was very helpful to her.

Walter and the boys went to do their yard jobs and I worked on school stuff mostly, though I did get to talk to Mary for a while. I had to preview a video so I started yet another knitting project. I have three “active” projects right now but the one I started today has a deadline that is coming up very soon, so I really needed to get going on it.

Arrr, get some rest, ye scurvy rogues!


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