A Caribbean Covet-Fest

Today for geography it was a student’s turn to bring the main dish, which was a black bean and sweet potato curry. She also made a brought Bahamian johnny cake.

9-17-18 Johnny Cake

I’m sorry there’s no photo of the curry. It was so fabulous that we devoured it all before I thought of getting my camera. I made coconut rice to go with the curry:

9-17-18 coconut rice

And it was very good. I actually think the coconut helped keep the rice from spiking my blood sugar too much.

For dessert, I made Bahamian guava duff. This is an interesting thing. You make a dough and refrigerate it for a while, and you mash up some guavas with some sugar. Then you spread out the dough like you would for cinnamon rolls, spread with the guava mixture, and roll it up. After that, you wrap it in foil, put it in a zip lock bag, and boil it in a big pot of water for at least an hour. Before serving, you make a very rich sauce consisting mostly of butter and sugar, and spoon it over the duff.

9-17-18 Guava Duff

Obviously I didn’t get to taste it, but apparently it was pretty good. I did eat a couple of guavas by themselves!

As we looked at photo after photo of Caribbean locations, we all felt kind of sorry for ourselves for being here and not there. We also watched a couple of videos that made it worse. How I wish I had a TARDIS and could whisk us all to the countries we are studying!


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