Glad I Remembered This Week

This morning Lucy didn’t have a ride to her classes, so I took her. I had originally thought that after dropping her off, I could hang out with my friend Darlene, but as I didn’t hear back from her I came home and sat down for a leisurely breakfast and cup of tea, only to hear from Darlene after all! So I got Jasper going on his schoolwork, took a quick shower, and headed up to meet Darlene at Hobby Lobby. She has a craft project she needs help with, so I helped her pick out the materials. Afterwards we were able to talk for a little while until it was time for me to go meet up with my friend Tammie and pick up Lucy.

I was buying an article of clothing from Tammie, so we met in the parking lot of the church where Lucy’s classes are held. The two classes Lucy is taking are auto maintenance and art history. She is loving the art class! Here is a picture she did for homework:

Lucy's elk

On the way home from her class we stopped at the Mexican grocery store to get lunch and also some food we need for tomorrow. We got some very large, juicy mangoes and they were delicious!

This afternoon I actually remembered to take Jasper to his piano lesson, unlike last week, when I didn’t remember until more than 24 hours too late!

Other than that, I’ve spent most of the day looking at envy-inducing photos of the Caribbean, in preparation for tomorrow’s class.

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