Insects seem to have it out for our family this year. Mary and Jordan recently had a protracted battle against bed bugs, and now it seems our back yard is teeming with fleas. Since Jack escapes and roams the neighborhood multiple times a day, there’s no telling where he may have picked up fleas and brought them back to our yard.

Regardless of how we got them, we must now deal with them. Lucy and I went to the store today and came home with flea shampoo, flea collars, flea powder, and flea “bombs.” Diatomaceous earth has been ordered and tomorrow I hope to track down some beneficial nematodes. Lucy and Jasper washed the dogs this evening and got flea collars on them. Tomorrow the cats get the same treatment, even though they are indoor pets. We’ve got to get this issue under control before the next chai party!

Of course, today was also a school day and I had my English class this afternoon. We start reading A Tale of Two Cities this week!

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