Cookie Day

So what happened this weekend? I went shopping. I got some housework done. Mercy joined an informal rugby club and was exhausted after practice. I played in church with the violin and guitar again. Daniel left us and we were sorry to see him go. The “J” crew came for dinner on Sunday night and–this is the really big news–Jonnie W. was able to fix my computer/printer issues and I am now back in business, no thanks to the Geek Squad!

Today was the first official 4-H meeting of the school year. One of Jasper’s responsibilities is to arrange for people to bring snacks, but since this is the first meeting I figured we would have to provide them all ourselves. I made a massive batch of cookie dough and added two kinds of chocolate chips, walnuts, and coconut. Jasper patiently scooped out the dough and baked over 150 cookies.

We also took chips and dip and salsa. My friend Joan brought cookies too, so we ended up having plenty of food. The meeting ended up being a bit of a surprise, since the zoo did not come and give a presentation as planned. Instead we learned about the flag and the kids wrote thank you notes to veterans. I also learned that I haven’t taught Jasper the words to our national anthem or the etiquette surrounding it. Oops!

This evening we had a cake to bake for one of Mercy’s friends. I hope she likes it.

I don’t know how many of you follow my daughter Mary’s blog, but if you don’t, you should. She has a gift that I have long coveted but do not possess, and that is the ability to write beautiful, poetic prose without sounding affected or pretentious. That is something I’ve never been able to pull off! Here’s the link:

Threads of Stars


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