Lake Break

Yesterday did happen here; I just didn’t feel like blogging last night. I had promised the kids I would take them to the lake. We have wanted to go for so long but our schedule and the weather have kept us from it since last spring.

Mercy took Jasper out to breakfast first thing in the morning, and after he got back we started getting ready to go. Connie’s son Daniel came with us since he is staying with us and Spencer was going to be busy with school and work all day.

As always, we left later than planned, and still had to stop at Walmart for picnic food. Still, we were on track to reach the lake by noon, until we came to a detour. A really, really BIG detour. It took us in a huge circle and added a good half hour of driving time, but we did finally end up at the dam and were able to get to our usual spot, which was deserted–just the way we like it.

9-11-15 kids at lake

After our picnic lunch the kids went swimming and I sat in my chair in the shade and relaxed. I had originally thought I might get to swim, but then I realized that our entire time at the lake would be in my danger zone for sun exposure. I brought reading and knitting, like I always do, but mostly I just wanted to be outdoors and gaze at the sky and water and doze off from time to time.

9-11-15 Lake clouds

9-11-15 lake

The kids came back for snacks and then went back to the water. Daniel made friends with a rather hideous spider:

9-11-15 spider

He thought it was a baby tarantula. I’m thinking no. I’ve seen plenty of tarantulas and none of them looked like that. He offered to let me hold it but I declined.

Eventually, I had to call the kids back so we could pack up and leave because I wanted to have supper before going to hear Tom and Connie give a report on their work in Mexico. I had left spaghetti sauce in the slow cooker so all I had to do was cook the pasta once we got home. Now that I knew about the detour, I came home by a faster way.

Lucy wasn’t feeling well, so it was just Daniel and Jasper who came with me to the church. Connie had made a lovely selection of Mexican goodies which looked delicious. Of course, I just had to appreciate their looks!

I enjoyed listening to Tom and Connie and seeing all their photos. Afterwards, I went in search of Daniel, who had migrated to the church’s coffee shop. The minute I walked in the door I saw one of my former students and his wife with their one-month-old baby. I love babies! I’m so glad I got to see this little one.

I took two more steps and bumped into a friend who recently moved away but was back in town just for the weekend. I was glad that I had a reason to go to the coffee shop!

After we got home, I was just too tired to post. I hope we make it back to the lake soon.

Parting Shot:

9-11-15 Lucy at lake


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