Today was kind of a rough day. Sure, we got school done. I ran some errands and got a floor mat so Spencer can use his good desk chair at his desk which has now been moved into his room. Now if Mercy would just get the rest of her stuff out of Jasper’s room, we could finish this lengthy moving process!

The one thing that I knew I had to do today was make a phone call to the Geek Squad. After all the hassle and expense of getting my computer fixed, it still will not communicate with my printer. I am back to exactly where I started. The only way to print anything is to put it on a flash drive and take it to another computer and print from there. I know that in the great scheme of things it’s not a big deal–but it really irks me to spend all that money and get so far behind in my work and not have any benefit from it!

I should have called last week, of course, but making this kind of call is a task so loathsome to me that it takes several days to gather enough fortitude to do it.

It didn’t go well. After being on hold a long time, I finally talked to an agent named “Amy.” She was very professional, but not at all helpful. I explained my problem, and she said that if I wanted any help over the phone or online I would need to pay a fee up front. I said that I thought I had a 30-day guarantee on the work that was done. She backpedalled then and said it’s true their work is guaranteed, but if I wanted any help without paying more fees, I’d have to haul my computer and printer back to the store and ask them to look into it.

The reality is that I can’t afford to be without my computer for several days again. I spend so much time every day researching and preparing for classes. Furthermore, I truly believe that the problem was fixed. I thought I’d get to talk to an actual Geek and explain what was going on, and he’d ask me questions, like “Did you remember to hook up the thingie to the other thingie?”  And at some point he’d ask me something like that and I’d say, “Oh my goodness! I totally did not know about THAT thingie!” And I’d flip the right switch and say the right incantation and then my printer would magically work again. I honestly don’t believe that taking it back in to the store would even help, because obviously it worked at the store or they wouldn’t have given it back.

So, I was very frustrated as I talked to Amy, because she just kept saying what she was trained to say, which was in essence, “Pay me a big pile of money right now if you want help, or else lug everything back to the store and do without it for who knows how long.” I’m sorry to say I lost my temper. I was not personally abusive to Amy, but I most certainly let her know how unhappy I was. When it became clear that my $130 was down the drain, I ended the conversation and hung up.

Lucy, who had listened to the whole exchange, chastised me severely for taking out my frustration on Amy, and she was right to do so. I found the website and wrote an apology for my behavior. I am so sorry I made Amy suffer just because I was suffering.

The experience left me angry and bitter. I felt betrayed by the Geek Squad and very angry at myself for letting my temper get the best of me. I have been out of sorts ever since! It didn’t help that I couldn’t eat what everyone else had for supper. Most of the food I’m allowed to eat now is not stuff I like. I never, ever look forward to meals anymore. So anyway, my next move concerning the computer is to see if Flynn can figure out what is going on over the phone and help me, and if not my last resort is my longsuffering brother. It would be so nice if I could just create documents on my computer and then press “print” and have them actually print!

Tomorrow is bound to be better . . . .


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