Cookie Pizza

So, my alarm went off this morning, and I realized I needed to get up and get going on the day, but somehow I feel asleep again before I actually made it out of bed! It was quite a shock when I woke up an hour later and looked at the clock.

We got some school done today and the kids reminded me that today was the regular teen get-together for the homeschool group, so I ended up going to the grocery store to get a few items so that Lucy could make a cookie pizza to take. Only two pieces were eaten (one by Jasper). I think from here on out we will just take packaged cookies from the store. Every time Lucy makes something awesome, no one eats the stuff and then we have too much at home! Back in the day, everyone would have pounced on homemade goodies.

Jasper was a very unhappy boy this evening. He was invited to a sleepover for the second night in a row, and I told him no. He was up late across the street last night, and tonight he was invited to another neighbor’s house for a cookout and backyard campout. I let him go for the cookout and stay until 9:00, but then he had to come home because tomorrow he is going to Walmart with me and then working with his dad. He really needs a good night’s rest–but he sure did not want one!


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