A Squad of Geeks and a Winner

Today was kind of a waiting for Mary day. It was also my first experience with the Geek Squad. I went online and made an appointment to take my laptop in for some tuning up. Despite having an appointment, I still had to wait a long time before I could talk to a Geek. When I told him that one of the main issues was not being able to use my printer, he said I had to bring in the printer too.
So after lunch I had to drive up there again with our very bulky printer, and wait in line for half an hour just so I could say, “Here’s my printer.” It might be FOUR DAYS before I get my computer and printer back, which will make it pretty hard to prepare for class. I am typing this on the kids’ virus-riddled desktop.
Mary arrived right at 4:00 and we scurried to make pizza so she and the others could eat before going to a concert on campus. I tried making a gluten-free pizza with a cauliflower crust. It tasted better than most GF pizza crust, but the big thing was that it didn’t spike my blood sugar! I might actually be willing to make that stuff a couple of times a year!
I actually was going to skip posting tonight, until I remembered about the drawing for my book. There were a total of six comments, counting Google+ and Facebook. I wrote the names on little pieces of paper, then put them in a bowl and shuffled them around with my eyes closed for quite a while before picking one. And the winner is . . . Anna! Which means I don’t have to mail it because she lives in my neighborhood!


One thought on “A Squad of Geeks and a Winner

  1. Wait…what?! I never win anything! And for the record I love cauliflower pizza but I always forget to make it then I eat real pizza and feel the pain of real pizza for days.


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