Giving Them the World

That’s what I want for my geography students. I spent all morning preparing for our first geography class and still didn’t get as much done as I hoped for. I was slowed down somewhat by my finger. Periodically, my middle finger (can be either hand) is swollen and painful when I wake up. It can’t be moved at all because the pain is too excruciating. My top two ways to treat this problem are to run hot water on the hand for several minutes, and to put pain relieving ointment on them at night and sleep with socks on my hands.

So, yesterday I woke up with excruciating pain in my left middle finger. The hot water did not help much. I was in a great deal of pain all day. I put ointment and socks on my hand before going to bed last night, and this morning when I woke up my hand felt pretty good. Until, that is, I actually tried to do anything. Then the pain came back with a vengeance.

I’m just telling you to explain why it was hard to get ready for class, because typing was involved. It’s a very small class–just three girls for sure, and a fourth one who was trying it out today to see if she wants to do it. We talked about directions and meridians and parallels and then they all got to use a compass to follow directions to a neighbor’s house.

I have no idea what they thought of it. I love geography so much but it’s really hard for me to tell if any of it is rubbing off on my students.

I had a bit of a breather after class ended, and then Jasper and I went to the local beekeepers meeting. We’ve been pretty sad about our bees. They’re gone. The hive was overrun by small hive beetles, and slimed. Tomorrow Jasper and his friend Sam are going to clean out the hive so it will be ready for new bees next spring. Why does beekeeping have to be so complicated? You would think that insects would be a lot easier to deal with than, say, a dog. But no. You have to absorb a HUGE amount of information and remember it all if you want to have any hope of succeeding with bees.

Tomorrow, Mary’s coming!

Quote of the Day:

Jasper: “Both of my big toes are injured. (pause) At least I had fun doing it.”

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