Off to a Good Start

Someone on Facebook just reminded me it’s four months until Christmas. Yikes! Hobby Lobby has been full of Christmas stuff since June! I am so not ready for that.

As it was, I was hard pressed to be ready for my first English class today. I feel like I’ve been going full steam ahead all summer, but I still struggled to finish preparing for class. I haven’t finished planning all the details of the rest of the semester, but I have a pretty good framework in place.

Now I’ve got one day to do the same for Geography! (Don’t worry; I’ve taught it three times before and just have to decide how I want to schedule things this time.)

This semester I’ve got four English students, none of whom are my offspring. One of them has never taken one of my classes before. I hope she doesn’t feel overwhelmed!

After class ended, I had fifteen minutes to bolt down some supper before heading off to my critique group. These ladies are wonderful and are helping me so much to improve my writing. I am so grateful for them.

Critique group is followed by our monthly writers meeting. Today we heard a variety of works in progress–two very different novels, some poems, and even a play. I am always so amazed by human creativity and by the different ideas people come up with.

Tomorrow, I switch gears from writing/literature to this incredible planet we call home. It might be a dangerous thing that I now have a valid passport again . . .

P.S. Jasper voluntarily did four lessons of math today. Here’s hoping he keeps it up!



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