Spencer’s Day

This morning got off to a rather surprising start for me. I got up a 6:15 and went into the living room to finish working on my shopping list on my computer, only to be stopped dead in my tracks when I saw there was someone sleeping on the couch. He had his back turned to me, so I had no idea who it was.

I quietly moved my laptop to the dining room and finished making my list there. This is not the first time something like this has happened. I knew it had to be a friend of Spencer’s, since he was the only one not home when I went to bed last night! When I returned from Walmart, I found that Britton was the unidentified body I had seen. He came into town to help Spencer celebrate his birthday.

Spencer had orientation and tennis stuff to do today, so Jasper was the only one to go work with Walter. Lucy helped me make Spencer’s cake before leaving on an overnight trip with some of her art camp friends. Most of the day I spent chained to the computer planning out my upcoming classes. Spencer came home with a radioactive sunburn acquired while playing tennis shirtless in the sun.

This evening was Spencer’s “friend” party. He really wanted to have some friends over for a cookout. This was not an event which family members were expected to attend. Spencer grilled a bunch of hamburgers and hotdogs and he and his friends all hung out in the backyard. I think they had a good time.

8-22-15 Spencer's party 1

8-22-15 Spencer's party 2


And finally, Mercy moved out tonight. She will be living with a friend in an apartment a couple of blocks from here. I just wasn’t quite ready for her to just leave tonight!


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