A Better Day

Finally, a day without any major stress or trauma! My first event of the day was the parents’ breakfast at the university. I knew from experience that there might not be anything I could eat, so I had my real breakfast and tea at home before driving to the campus. There were no parking spots anywhere near the dining room, so I finally had to settle on parking a couple of blocks away, but just as I did, who should drive up in a golf cart but my knight in shining fedora! He’s allowed to park right in front of the dining room door.

So anyway, we went in, and like I thought the breakfast consisted of pastries and fruit, so I got some berries and pineapple and that was fine. We listened to some speeches and then were free until lunchtime, when Spencer had signed us up for a pizza lunch. This time I knew for sure I couldn’t eat any of it, so I just waited and had lunch after I got home!

I had a chat on the phone with Mary this afternoon. I think I mentioned before that somewhere along the line during her travels this summer, she apparently picked up some bed bugs and their bedroom became infested. They have had to sterilize and bag up all their possessions and yesterday they had exterminators come in to treat the apartment. To their dismay, they discovered that this was only the first of three weekly treatments, so they will have to continue to keep everything in bags until after the third treatment. It has truly been a nightmare for them and I feel so bad that they are having to go through this.

I had to cut short my visit with Mary to go do something I have never done before. I went to a reception for parents of student athletes. Boy did I feel out of place with all those sporty families, but Spencer is on the tennis team and he really wanted me to come. I was glad to hear what the athletic director had to say and to meet Spencer’s coach.

Tomorrow’s going to be a very busy day. Maybe I should rest up.


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