In Which Spencer Finds Out that He is Tall

This morning Spencer went out to get his TB test, and then looked into getting a physical. The physical is required if he wants to be on the college tennis team, which he does. He found a walk-in clinic and ended up waiting there quite a while before getting taken care of. One of the things they did was to weigh and measure him, and he found out he is now 6’6” tall! This is the same height as his brother Flynn. Spencer had been telling everyone that he was 6’4”, but I guess that is old news. Now it will be interesting to see where Jasper ends up! He has just begun his growth spurt.

I made sweet potato pancakes for supper tonight, because my husband is a big fan of sweet potatoes. Half the pancakes had pecans in them and the other half had cinnamon chips. They were a hit! Of course I couldn’t actually taste them, but it’s nice to know I can still dream up stuff that other people like eating.

Tomorrow is a big day for Spencer. He turns twenty years old and starts college orientation!


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