This is Really Going to Hurt

We’ve had a situation brewing for a couple of weeks now. Spencer, having been accepted into the university, must now meet all their requirements for admission, and one of the requirements is that he be able to prove that he has had a series of immunizations. I have no interest in sparking a debate on vaccinations. The point is just that Spencer must have them in order to attend college.

I know he did get some immunizations when he was younger, but there is absolutely no proof. I’m not sure why, but I have no records on him. The health department has no records. The only other place that might have records is WIC, to which we belonged for a while, but when I called them they said they don’t keep records beyond 10 years. Spencer had tried to work out a way to get the shots he needed, but kept running into red tape that might as well have been a brick wall.

Yesterday, the health department finally told him that if he could bring a paper from WIC saying they no longer have his records, the health department would give him whatever shots they could. So today, we went to WIC. Just in case, I asked them to look for his records. There were none. So I asked if they could give us a written statement on letterhead confirming that they didn’t have his records, so we could show it to the health department. The answer I got boiled down to this: no, we can’t give you a written statement saying we don’t have his records, because we don’t have his records.  Grrr!

So we went back to the health department with our tale of woe, and a girl there took pity on us, and said that if we returned with a printout from the university saying what shots they required, Spencer could get them.

It took us awhile to find the necessary document online and print it out, so of course when we got back to the health department, there was a long line. Spencer had to fill out some paperwork and eventually he got a couple of his shots. Then we went down to the drugstore, where we paid big money for him to get his meningitis shot. He still needs a couple more, but at least we’re making headway!

So anyway, today was pretty much a nightmare for me. I hate this kind of thing so much. Then this evening I had to go to a mandatory meeting for our co-op classes, because Lucy is going to be taking a couple of classes this fall. I felt like a prehistoric relic surrounded by all those young moms!

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