Ladies of Letters

Today was the day for my letter-writing class. I worked hard getting ready for it, and it went well as a result. One girl dropped out at the last minute, so I had a total of five young ladies as my students for the day.

This is a subject I feel quite passionate about. No email in the world is going to beat a handwritten letter, ever. Sure you can print out an email, but it’s not the same as saving and savoring a real letter over and over. I teach my students about the kinds of notes and letters that every civilized person should write–various flavors of thank-you notes, sympathy notes, and congratulatory notes. I also teach them how to write notes of apology and nice “newsy” letters to distant friends.

Finally, I teach them how to do a cool letter fold and then how to make a template and use it to make envelopes from pretty calendar pages.

Usually, at the beginning of the day, my students range from mildly interested to “my mom made me come.” I love to see them begin to perk up as the day goes one. Some of the girls wrote really lovely sample notes and letters! The best part was at the end when they were all exchanging addresses so they can write letters to each other!

I was pretty wiped out after they left, having battled a headache most of the day, so I’m not ashamed to admit that some napping occurred. Since then I’ve had time to type up more notes from the conference. I’m running out of time to get it done before my memory fades!


One thought on “Ladies of Letters

  1. This is so cool that you teach a class.
    I was wondering if I could include some of this post in a book I’ve put together called Fall in Love with Writing. It combines the words of over 170 people from around the world as they talk about writing. It’s to inspire people to write, and I’d love to include this in the letter writing section. Your name, age, and country can be included or you can be anonymous. All good if you’re not interested, but just thought I’d check.
    You can also check out this post for more info about the book:


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