Meeting Deadlines

This morning started off slow, at least for Mercy. She slept in till after noon! The rest of the day she mostly spent on unpacking from her trip and packing to move.

Meanwhile, I was working feverishly on my proposal, because I knew I had to finish it before noon if I was going to also have time to prepare for the class I’m teaching tomorrow.

Some of you, who aren’t immersed in the world of publishing, may wonder exactly what a “proposal” is. Generally speaking, it is a collection of documents which a publisher requests and then uses to determine whether or not to publish your project. An agent may also request a proposal, in order to decide whether or not to offer to represent you. So what is normally included in a proposal? First, there is a “query” letter in which you do your best to interest the editor or agent in just a paragraph or two. Other things that might be requested include a one-sheet, which is kind of like a one-page advertisement for your book, and a synopsis, which has to detail the entire plot of your story in one page (this is very difficult, at least for me). Finally, you are usually asked to include the first few pages of your novel–anywhere from five to fifty. More is not necessarily better. Most agents and editors make up their minds after just a page or two.

So yesterday and today, I was updating everything, and I especially was going through the first 50 pages and making them as good as I know how to do. I got the proposal sent in right before noon, leaving me the rest of the day to work on class preparation.

I had a lot of printing to do, but I got it all done and all the personalized notebooks collated. After I got all that done, I found out that one student won’t be making it after all. *sigh* About the time I got all the student notebooks ready, I realized I couldn’t find my teacher notebook! There was concern, then panic, as I looked for it over and over without finding it. Finally, I did locate it–I had forgotten the spine is not labeled.

Once I had all my materials together, I took a little time off to start typing up my notes from Realm Makers. So much excellent information there! I need to figure out how best to put it all to use.


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