Meet Me in St. Louis

So, did ya miss me? I’ve been very very busy and fighting a cold at the same time. I finished construction on my cloak and dress, but didn’t even get started on the embellishments I had planned, so I took everything with me.

I got off to a late start yesterday because of the cold and the fact that I was moving pretty slow as I packed and got ready. I finally set off about noon, and still had to stop at WalMart to pick up a few more items! The first few hours were pretty brutal in terms of heat. I was melting! I drank and drank water but didn’t have to “stop” because it was all leaving my body in the form of perspiration!

About half an hour south of Little Rock, the temperature cooled noticeably. Then, for about an hour, I was treated to a spectacular cloud show off to the west. White and dark clouds layered on top of each other, rain coming down in places, and the setting sun shining through from behind the rain here and there. It was incredible!

Then I had to turn west myself and I drove right into the rain. What a thrill! We haven’t had rain at home in something like six weeks. I drove through a regular downpour in a couple of places.

Now one of the reasons that I planned the trip the way I did was that I did not want to drive in the dark, but because of my late departure, I was racing the darkness into town for the last hour or so. I’m sorry to say that the darkness won, but only because I virtuously obeyed the ridiculously low speed limits that made no sense at all.

I spent the night in the metropolis of Poplar Bluff, Missouri. Me, by myself, holed up in a motel room sewing on beads until midnight. I had planned to also iron a couple of my dresses (including the one I was working on) in the hotel room, but guess what? There was no iron.

So, this morning I got up, sewed on some more beads, and then after I checked out I went to Walmart and bought the cheapest iron they had and an adorable little folding ironing board. After all the work I’ve done on my outfit, I refuse to go to the dinner looking rumpled!

Today I just had to go from Poplar Bluff to St. Louis, which is not that far, so I wasn’t in a huge hurry to get on the road, but I should have been. First of all, there were the speed limits. What is it with Arkansas and Missouri? Most of the way north of Little Rock, the speed limit was 55 or 60. As a Texan used to 75 mph speed limits on virtually all highways, I was very put out. And Nigel, my phone GPS, delights in ringing a little bell to remind me when I exceed the speed limit by even a little bit.

The other issue was that my printed directions seemed a little sketchy, so I had to rely on Nigel, who is a troll. I did eventually reach the university, but I am quite certain that the route I took was a whole lot more circuitous than necessary. Grrr!

So instead of getting here early and having time to take a shower and change, I barely made it in time for my early bird class which started at 4:00! When the class was almost over, my young friend Rebekah arrived and it sure has been good to see her again. We asked to be in the same suite so that is nice too. She can ride with me to and from classes instead of having to take the shuttle bus. (The classes are about a mile and a half from the dorm we’re staying in.) She walked all the way from the dorm to the classroom lugging her suitcase this afternoon!

After the class, we drove over to the dorm and Rebekah helped me carry my stuff up to our suite, which we share with two others. I have a lot of stuff. Some due to poor packing, and some due to having to bring sewing supplies and tea-making supplies and diabetes supplies!

There was a “pre-party” after supper, which we went to, and after that I came back to my room to unpack and sew on some more beads. I am not going to sew on all the ones I had planned, because I want some sleep! It will have to do the way it is.

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