About 3 Miracles and 1 Dead Mouse

Sometimes, in the frantic pace of our everyday lives, it’s easy to forget that prayer still changes things and that miracles still happen. In the last week we’ve had two huge answers to prayer, and though it may not mean anything to you, this is something I’ll want to remember down the road when I read through this account of my life.

The first big “hallelujah” came when Spencer was accepted into the university where my husband works. We were not expecting this to work out, because his math test scores were too low, but it turns out the university has a sort of probation program, wherein they accept students who didn’t quite make the cut, but they have to agree to being tutored and mentored by upperclassmen. What a relief! I hope Spencer will take full advantage of this opportunity! He is planning to major in international business.

The second big (really big) answer to prayer came when we heard back from the hospital. Walter has been trying to persuade them to lower my bill from my surgery in May. Since we don’t have insurance (and can’t even sign up until January) we were stuck with a massive bill we had no hope of paying. Rather, I should say that Walter calculated it would take us a minimum of 20 years to pay it off. This weekend we received a document from the hospital saying they had drastically reduced my bill, to the point where we should be able to pay it off in five years or so. Whew! We are going to try and pay off as much as we can before January, when our insurance premiums will drastically reduce what we are able to pay.

That’s two miracles so far. The third is that I actually finished the cloak to be raffled off at Realm Makers. I had ordered the fabric online, and it didn’t come, so I had to come up with a completely different plan on Saturday and I honestly didn’t know if I’d be able to pull it off. It is not the best cloak I’ve ever made, but it is the best cloak I could make given my current circumstances and a very tight deadline. I still have another cloak to finish and a dress to add a border to!

sapphire 3

Finally, when I sat down to upload the cloak photos to my computer, I discovered that my mouse was dead. Replacing the battery did no good at all. Grrr! Lucy and I ended up going to Walmart late at night so I could get a new mouse and she could pick up some groceries for the days that I’ll be gone. I guess I should be glad that my mouse died today and not while I’m at Realm Makers!

Tomorrow’s going to be insane, and my body is trying very hard to succumb to the cold that’s been making the rounds in our household, so I’d appreciate some prayer!


2 thoughts on “About 3 Miracles and 1 Dead Mouse

  1. Thrilled to hear about Spencer’s acceptance at Le Tourneau!! I know firsthand that God performs miracles today . One of my mantras when life is dark is’ “Expect a miracle today!” Prayer does it. I will be praying for you. Hope Realm Makers is a wonderful experience for you.


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