A Sweltering Sendoff

This morning I got up early to make a very brief run to Walmart for groceries, and after the unbearable heat of the last few days it was such a relief to step outside into the downright chilly temperature of 73 degrees!

Alas, the cool temperatures did not last long. It was already warming up by the time Walter and Jasper and I left for my aunt’s memorial service in Dallas at about 10:00. Because we knew it was going to be a hot drive, we took our “nice” clothes with us to change into once we got to the church.

We had timed it just about perfectly, so we stopped for lunch just down the street from the church before continuing on and parking in the church parking lot. I went into the ladies’ room to change before going out into the foyer to greet my cousins. I must say I was a little dismayed by how warm it was in the church. We had all been thinking what a lovely relief it would be to get into the air conditioned church, but in fact the church was uncomfortably warm, and it remained so the entire time we were there.

All three of my cousins and their lovely wives were there, along with some of their offspring. I do love my family so much and was so glad to see them all. While waiting for the service to start, we visited and perspired! The men who had brought suit jackets did not put them on.

The service was attended by members of the church who had been close to my aunt and uncle, and also by some of their old friends from their missionary days. All three of my cousins spoke, as did one of my aunt and uncle’s oldest friends. It was in some ways a difficult service to sit through, and I’m sure it was disconcerting to some. There was so much regret and sorrow in that room–not just for the loss of my aunt, but for relationships that were not what they could have and should have been, and can never be healed this side of heaven.

When the service ended, I was really hoping there would be some kind of reception afterwards, hopefully in an air-conditioned building, but there was not. I didn’t even get a chance to take a photo of my cousins and their families. Everyone dispersed, so we changed out of our now-sweaty nice clothes and back into our travel clothes and went back out into the heat for the long drive home. We stopped to stock up on some cold water to drink on the way home, and most of it was consumed by the time we got home!

What a relief it was to walk into our air-conditioned house after almost eight hours of misery! I took a lukewarm shower because in Texas in July, that is the coldest shower you can take. It wasn’t as refreshing as I would have liked, but it cooled me off enough to be able to enjoy a brief nap before making supper!

Now I need to tune my autoharp and practice for tomorrow, and maybe even get a little bit of sewing done . . .

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