A Dress to Dye For

Today I realized that if I am going to wear what I want to wear to the dinner at Realm Makers, I am going to have to get busy. I have a dress that I bought three years ago but have never worn, partly because it is too short and partly because it only came in one color. That color is roughly the color of an elephant, and when I tried the dress on I looked more elephantine than even I can tolerate.

So two years ago I was able to get some matching fabric from the company that made the dress, and my plan all along has been to dye the fabric at some point and dye the dress and then add a border to the bottom so that the dress will be floor length as it is meant to be. I’ve had the dye for months and months.

Today, I got my big dye pot out and decided to dye the dress and the fabric. I also had some other similar fabric that I thought I might use to make a slip to wear under the dress. I realize now that I should only have dyed one thing at a time. Trying to stir that much fabric in my big pot was hot, tiring work, and I knew there was no way it was going to end up being an even dye job. I put the dress in first, so that looks best. It’s not dry yet so I don’t know how bad or good it is. The border is going to have some variation in the color without a doubt!

As soon as the dyed stuff was rinsed this afternoon, Lucy and I set off in our motorized blast furnace for a town an hour’s drive away. The temperature was 100 degrees with a heat index of 109. It was a very hot drive, and such a relief to reach an air conditioned restaurant where we could dry out and eat supper! Then I took Lucy to a coffee shop where some friends of hers were going to be playing music.

We arrived at 6:30 and by 9:00 her friends hadn’t played yet. Meanwhile, I listened to the rest of an audiobook and got a lot of knitting done, finished reading another book, and then stared at the ceiling for a while wondering if I would fall asleep and thinking how much more I would have enjoyed myself if I had gone down the road to my friend Sybil’s house! We finally left at about 10:30 and still had the drive home to do, but at least the sun was down and the air was somewhat cooler.

Tomorrow I really need to get a lot of sewing done!

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