Ten Minutes of Caffeine and Adrenaline

This morning I had to be at the conference to register at 7:30. After a very restless night, it was hard to get up and iron my skirt and then go eat breakfast so we could get there in time. The conference is being held in a theater, which is nice in some ways, but I sorely miss having a table to sit at and take notes on! Tomorrow I will not even bother taking my AlphaSmart.

My agent appointment was at 10:00 this morning, so I was there ten minutes early as specified. This was the shortest appointment I’ve ever had. Most conferences I’ve been to give you fifteen minutes, but here we had ten minutes and they requested that it all be verbal–no handing the agent any paper.

I had had a big cup of tea before leaving the hotel, but I had some more caffeine before my appointment just to make sure I wouldn’t be tongue tied. Once I have absorbed a certain amount of caffeine, you can’t shut me up!

Anyway, my appointment was with an agent that from his description on the website seemed like he might be open to my kind of book. When you have only ten minutes, there is no time for small talk. You just have to jump right into your pitch. By that time I had enough caffeine and adrenaline in me that talking was not a problem. I felt like I was babbling. I just kept plowing ahead telling him about my story, and at first I had no idea how he was taking it.

Then he started asking questions. For every question, I had an immediate answer (to be honest, I could probably have answered just about any question in the world at that point). The more I told him about the story and the more questions I answered, the more he smiled. He really liked the story! So, he asked me to send the full manuscript to his assistant as soon as possible.

Then, the bell rang, and we shook hands and I had to get out of there. That is about as well as a ten-minute pitch session can go. So please be praying that if the agency is “right” for me, they’ll like my book!

It took me quite a while to stop shaking and gather my thoughts. All the classes I attended today were excellent. I especially enjoyed the ones taught by Keven J. Anderson. Look him up if you don’t know who he is!

By the end of the day, my brain was full and possibly overflowing. I was kind of sorry to miss the evening reception, but we had made plans to drive to the north side of town and have supper with our friend Susan. She went to a lot of trouble to make a lovely gluten-free meal and it was so good to get to visit with her.

Thank goodness tomorrow I don’t have to be in class quite so early! And by the way, my worries about wardrobe were unfounded. Sartorial style ran the gamut from shorts and flip-flops to business attire to full-out steampunk cosplay. My feet almost died from wearing shoes all day. Tomorrow it’s going to be flip-flops for me!


2 thoughts on “Ten Minutes of Caffeine and Adrenaline

  1. Oh I’m so glad you had such a great response from the agent!! God bless his reading of your manuscript!!

    Also glad you will be able to wear comfy shoes tomorrow – that makes everything so much more enjoyable! 🙂


  2. You made it!!! “I think I can, I think I can”, and you did!! You just needed to find the one agent who wanted what you had to offer. I am so excited for you!! Now we begin praying that this manuscript is what they are looking for! God bless you for having the perseverance to write, even when being rejected. Ok, “Ms. Fitzgerald” , show the world what a gift you have!


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