In the Big D

Walter and Jasper did their yard jobs today, while I stayed home and packed. The guys got back mid afternoon, so after Walter had a shower, we were able to leave in the 100 degree temperatures to drive to Dallas. It was a hot ride.

When we got here, we discovered that there was an alternative to the hotel’s expensive parking, so Walter dropped me off and then got a parking spot across the street.

Tonight was our night to have our official anniversary dinner. After seeing the parking situation here (we are in the heart of downtown), we decided to try for a restaurant within walking distance. Cortana (on my phone) had several helpful suggestions, but the one that grabbed our attention was a Moroccan restaurant just down the road.

7-24-15 Medina

It was very small and intimate, and the service was excellent. The food was to die for. I loved how the waiter assumed that we would share everything we ordered, so everything came with two forks or spoons! We had two different but delicious fish dishes, and I was so excited they actually had a dessert I could eat–fresh berries with just a touch of cinnamon-flavored whipped cream. I also had a glass of classic Moroccan mint tea. Walter had a mango mousse cake, and yes, it was divine.

As we finished our meal, the owner came over to introduce himself. “This is not my place,” he said. “This is your place.” Then he showered me with flattery and kissed my hand. It was a wonderful meal. Definitely a huge splurge for us, but you only get to celebrate your 34th anniversary once, and we did have a gift that helped pay for it.

Parting Shot:

7-24-15 fountain

The restaurant overlooked this lovely fountain.


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