About Watch Batteries and a Message

If you know me well, you know that I have not been able to wear a wristwatch for years, thanks to my metal sensitivity. Instead, I have worn a succession of pendant watches, which I keep on a beaded necklace that won’t irritate my neck. The problem is that sooner or later, the battery runs down, and since I can’t find a place that will replace the battery, I end up getting yet another inexpensive pendant watch.

My most recent watch was my very very favorite of all the ones I have had. The dial was clear and easy to read and upside down so I had only to glance down to see the time. I loved it. A couple of weeks ago, though, the battery died. I was very sad. I didn’t want to have to get a new watch.

Yesterday, when I was at Walmart, I asked the girl at the jewelry counter if she could possibly replace my watch battery, and I got the “no” I have always got at every store I’ve ever inquired at. This time, though, she had an alternate suggestion. She told me she was quite sure I could get the battery replaced at the Interstate Battery place down the road.

Now I had been to that place and I thought it was all about car batteries, but I figured it was worth a try. This morning I got five of my dead pendant watches and went up to Interstate Battery. It turns out they were quite happy to replace the batteries for me. (Watch batteries, by the way, are not cheap.) Two of the employees went to work and after a wait during which I was sorely tempted by the flashlight display, they called me over. They had replaced all the batteries, but two of the watches did not work even with a new battery, so I only had three out of the five in working order. My “favorite,” alas, was not one of the three.

Well, at least I had three working timepieces to choose from, right? The funny thing was, when I checked the two dead ones, one had started working again! Not the one I really wanted, but that meant I was up to four functional timepieces. That should keep me on time this weekend when I’m at the conference.

And yes, I do have a cell phone that also functions as a clock. I just am not a fan of having to take out my phone and turn it on and be all obvious about it every time I want to check the time!

This afternoon Lucy talked me into going to Walmart and buying a little wading pool for the dogs. They didn’t seem all that excited about getting into it, but they have been drinking from it a lot!

Spencer, meanwhile, took the first three days of this week off from work so that he could work on something–a message which he had agreed to present in church tonight, not just for the youth group but for the adults too. Since adults were invited, I of course decided to go and Lucy and Jasper came with me.

Spencer played on the worship team and then after the youth pastor gave a brief introduction, he spoke. He did a good job! His theme was that as Christians we should be steadfast people of integrity. He made some good points and backed them up with Scripture.

After he finished, he prayed, and then almost everyone in the audience stood up and surrounded him and prayed for him as he “graduates” from youth group and moves on to adult life. I am so glad he has such supportive Christian friends.

Lucy and Jasper and I came home and made a late pancake supper just in time for Walter to eat when he got home from work.

Tomorrow is my last full day to get ready!

Parting Shot:

7-22-15 Spencer preaching

I used my phone camera to get one quick snap of Spencer.


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