Teeny Tiny Copters

This morning I didn’t have to rush out the door to go to a play. Eventually, though, I did take Lucy with me to run some errands. I had rather belatedly remembered about a project I committed to, so we first went to the fabric store, where I did not find what I needed. Then we stopped at Starbucks, where there is nothing left that I can have except mineral water, and I hate to pay the price for it. Lucy got a drink she enjoys, though.

After that we tried the hobby store, which also didn’t have what I needed, and from there it was on to Walmart to buy supplies for supper.

Our friend Lee came for supper, and he came bearing gifts for Jasper: two tiny little remote controlled helicopters. Honestly, there are not much bigger than June bugs! He had a lot of fun learning to fly them.

Tomorrow we are having a chai party, and there is no Mercy to help get ready. It’s a good thing summer chai parties don’t tend to be very big!


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