Art Camp Grand Finale

Yesterday we had our last essay class. After that I had time for a badly-needed nap before Jasper and I set off for Waxahachie. It was a hot drive, and we got to Waxahachie just in time to eat supper before going to the performance. I made a regrettable choice for supper, one that I will never make again, because it was murder on my blood sugar.

We arrived at the auditorium about 10 minutes before the show started, and it was a good thing, because Lucy was the lead singer for that first number! The minute the curtains opened, there she was front and center. She looked poised and confident, and better still, she looked like she was enjoying herself!

7-10-15 artlife program

It was a great program, put on by the kids who were involved with dance, drama, media arts, and music during the week. Lucy also was a primary singer in the final number. She did a great job! I am so proud of her.

Afterwards she said her goodbyes and then we still had the long hot drive home. I was dreading it because my night vision is really bad. I hate driving at night. However, we made it safely home just a few minutes after midnight.

Today I was up early for my traditional trip to Walmart. A rather sleepy Jasper came with me and I was glad to have him! I went out later to go to Hobby Lobby but I really kind of wish I hadn’t. Christmas, Christmas, everywhere. I would go mad if I worked there. Six full months of Christmas every year!

I spent most of the day doing paperwork and grading. I also had a nice chat with Flynn, who is starting his new job on Monday. Early in the evening Lucy and Jasper and I went to a farewell party for four homeschool families who are moving away. I only knew three of the four families, but I am sorry to see them go. I am losing two students whom I’m very fond of.

After we got back, we watched a movie, since Spencer was out gallivanting and Walter was working yet another contract. In the middle of the movie, someone started shooting a gun outside on our street. Of course both kids went running outside to see what was going on. Our street is only one block long, so when I say the guy was on our street, I mean it was very close. Lucy thought she saw a flash and Jasper saw the car drive off.  I sure hope whoever it was wasn’t shooting at someone!

By the way, Jasper now wants to go to art camp next year. . .

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