Excitement in the ‘Hood

Yesterday we had a fire in our neighborhood. A duplex across from where we used to live caught fire. Thank goodness no one was home at the time.

This morning we had heavy machinery right in front of our house, digging the drainage ditch across the road deeper.

7-8-15 digger 1

7-8-15 digger 3

7-8-15 digger 5

7-8-15 digger 8

It was a big deal for the boys in the neighborhood! Jasper stayed outside watching for quite a while. And please note that the vine looking all shaggy in the foreground is Miss Wisteria. She’s all about foliage. And she badly needs a haircut.

Meanwhile, I was preparing for my class and was happy that all of my students came today! Just two more days to go. Today they started working on a research essay and it was fun to see them looking up information and figuring out what topics they wanted to cover. (The subject was the same for all of them.)

This afternoon Mary called for the first time in quite a while, and we had a nice chat as she drove through Kentucky on her way to yet another festival. She has had such a busy summer and has either been on the road or hosting house guests for most of it, it seems.

After talking to Mary I went back to work on my sewing room. One of the things I’m doing is weeding out all my craft books, because I have run out of room in my bookcase. I can’t wait to finish and see all my books in one place. They kind of fall into eras. There are a bunch of cross-stitch and embroidery books, which belong primarily to my “before kids” era. Then there are the sewing and knitting for babies and children books. Then there are the sewing for the home books. Sewing/knitting books aimed at children. Then the costume books.  The books of travel sewing projects. The books of bag patterns. And lots of knitting books that span my entire adult life. There are bound to be at least some that I can let go!

I also hauled out a stack of jeans that’s been sitting in there for years and cut them up into pieces to use in future projects. I’ve been feeling a bit under the weather today, so sitting in a chair and cutting up denim was a good project for me.

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