Independence Day

Someday, I hope, we’ll get to celebrate Independence Day like normal American families do. Not this year, obviously!

This morning I was on my own at Walmart since Jasper was camping out with his friend, Lucy had a friend staying the night, and Spencer was leaving to go to work with Walter shortly after I left to go shopping. The store wasn’t as crowded as I had feared, so I got through without too much difficulty.

Afterwards, I drove up to the car dealership where Walter and Spencer were working and dropped off some donuts for them to share with their coworkers. Then it was home to eat a solitary breakfast since the girls were still in bed and Jasper had not returned!

The rest of the day was mostly about housework, autoharp, and editing. I still don’t feel really ready to play tomorrow but I’ll practice a little more tonight and in the morning. I have spent the last week revising one of my novels and I finished this round today. This is my second time through. What works best for me is to go through several times fixing specific types of errors, rather than go through one time trying to fix everything at once. I really feel that is already stronger than it was. I have at least one more time to go through it, not counting the changes I’ll make as each section gets critiqued by my critique group.

Since Walter and Spencer were working all day, and since I didn’t know if they’d even be home for supper, we didn’t have an independence day dinner. We bought some tamales from our neighbors and had leftover chicken mango curry and chili with cornbread. It was still a good meal!

After Kat came and got Spencer to go to a friend’s house, the rest of us went out on the patio and lit some sparklers. We didn’t set off any rockets because of having two dogs in the yard.

7-4-15 sparkler

Happy Birthday, United States!

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