A Modern Tragedy

Today I got to sleep in till 7:00! Then it was time to get up and get going on the day. My husband had to go lay wax and I had a class to prepare for.

Shortly before class, Jasper was wiping the dining room table for me. My phone was on the table. He didn’t see the phone. He wiped it off the table and it landed on the wood floor with a resounding smack. There was no visible damage, and he thought everything was okay, but when I turned the phone on there was nothing to see but a partial line of green pixels. Interestingly, my medication alarms have continued to go off, but I can’t turn them off or do anything else. It took a series of tedious online chats, but I think a replacement phone is on the way. Even with the insurance I have, it’s not exactly cheap to replace!

After lunch Walter and both boys took off to do their yard jobs today, since tomorrow is already booked. They brought Jasper back home in time to camp out in the backyard of our old house with his buddy Sam, while Walter and Spencer went on and took care of the church yard until well after dark.

Lucy’s friend Martha came over during the afternoon and will be here till sometime tomorrow. I’m a little envious of all of you who will be celebrating and having cookouts this weekend. After a long hard week of work, Walter will be spending all day tomorrow deep-cleaning bathrooms and doing the floors at a car dealership that is only closed for that one day. Sunday afternoon he has another floor contract to finish. Going back to his day job on Monday will seem like a vacation to him.

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