The Clandestine Cutter

I have several friends who are what I refer to as “high energy” people. It makes me tired just to think of them. They always seem to be “on,” and there are times when I really envy them.

I, on the other hand, am a “low energy” person, and when I say “low,” I mean “almost imperceptible.” As I’ve mentioned before, one event per day is the speed I’m usually comfortable with.

Well, today was a four-event day, so it was really kind of a stretch for me. I was planning to get up at 5:45, but I didn’t even have to wait for my alarm to go off, because my cell phone rang at 5:39. I leapt out of bed to get it (because I have not yet succumbed to the temptation to have my phone right beside my bed), only to find that some total stranger had apparently “butt-dialed” me, and I was listening to someone interacting with her kids!

Wide awake by then, I got dressed and then got the kids up and shortly after 6:00 we were out the door and on our way back to the blueberry farm. We had arranged to meet some friends from church there, and I was anxious to get more berries so we can have enough in the freezer to last us for a long time.

We got there first and if anything, there were more berries than last week. I had a secret this time, though. Last week when Jasper and I went to pick, I got frustrated on several occasions by vines and other un-blueberry plants growing through, around, and between the blueberry bushes. The very prickly vines sometimes made it difficult to reach the juiciest berries. And volunteer oak and pine trees were growing right up through the blueberry bushes in several places.

So today, in my tiny little bag, I had my driver’s license, some money to pay for the berries–and my pruning shears. I was surprised but delighted that they fit in there. Every time I came to one of the interloping plants, I stopped, took out my pruners, snipped the offender off at ground level, and if possible pulled it out of the blueberry bush and laid it down on the ground off the path where it wouldn’t bother anyone. Then I would put my pruners back and pick more berries. I did this rather surreptitiously because I didn’t know if the owner would see it as meddling. Well, obviously it was meddling, but I like to think I was doing him a favor. It certainly made me feel better!

After an hour and a half, we had a total of fifteen and a half pounds of berries. Lucy picked a little more than me, but I think we all know that I had a good excuse seeing as I was also cleaning up the landscape!

As promised, I took the kids to a donut shop on our way home. I think I deserve some kind of recognition for the fact that I walked into a donut shop, bought donuts and kolaches and drinks for the kids, and walked out without a single thing for myself. Gone are the days when I could rationalize it to myself by saying, “Just this once won’t hurt.” When you have diabetes, every time hurts! The glucometer does not lie! So, I drove all the way home and made myself some eggs.

By the time I had cooled off, it was almost time to get ready for my lunch date with my friend Carolyn. Carolyn and I see each other once or twice a year, despite our mutual desire to get together more often. She is a very busy lady and I am just overwhelmed and very behind on everything right now! So anyway, it was great to be able to sit and chat over lunch.

Once I returned home again, it was time to prepare for my class, which had been moved to late afternoon today due to a schedule conflict. I also rushed around trying to get chili going in the crockpot for supper, since I would not be here at suppertime.

After my class, I had fifteen minutes to make some chip dip and be ready to leave for the beekeeping meeting with Jasper. We missed the last two meetings due to my surgery and our vacation, so we felt we really needed to go today despite the fact that I was ready for the day to be over.

It is a full hour’s drive to get there, and we had to stop to buy chips on the way because I had no time to make anything today! The speaker tonight was talking about how to get bees to go out of a tree (or other unsuitable place) and into a hive. It was very interesting. The best part for me was when he was explaining how to make a mesh funnel for the bees, and he specified that you must “frizzle” the ends.

I am now in love with the word “frizzle.” I am just dying to go out and frizzle something. You’d better watch out if you live anywhere near me. You might be frizzled before you know what happened to you!

When we got home, the huge pot of chili was sitting there untouched. Lucy didn’t eat any and Walter and Spencer never came home for supper. I guess I know what we’re having for supper tomorrow . . . .

Today was a little less intense for Walter than other days this week, thank goodness. Last night at supper he was so exhausted that he fell asleep at supper and dropped his pizza–more than once. Today he had a little time to work on his lawnmowers and do some other smaller jobs before kicking into high gear again about the time that Jasper and I left for our meeting.

And finally, I didn’t want to do anything to detract from Flynn’s job news yesterday, but I did have some good news of my own too. For those of you who haven’t already heard via Facebook (all three of you), my story is a finalist in the Realm Makers short story contest. I had committed to going to the conference and had submitted my story shortly before I ended up in the hospital.

When I learned I had made the semi-finals, I was cautiously optimistic. Yesterday, when I got the word that my story was one of several finalists, I was pretty happy because that means it will be published in an anthology with all the other finalists. Based on Facebook announcements, I know the competition is very stiff, so I don’t expect to place, but I’m more than satisfied with the knowledge that the story is going to be published. Finally something new to add to my resume, so to speak!

One thought on “The Clandestine Cutter

  1. I was given a pound of strawberries free because I cleaned out the bed of moldy and rotting strawberries, and weeding, while I was picking.


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