A Rainy Saturday

This morning I had to get up a little earlier than normal so I could rush up to Walmart in the POURING rain and go shopping and then rush home in time to unload and then leave to pick up Jasper. While I was going through Walmart, the stockers were busy stocking shelves, as they often are at that hour on a Saturday morning. One of them looked up and saw me and did a double take. “Where’s your son? Why isn’t he with you?” I always get comments when I go without Jasper!

I ended up not having to get Jasper quite as early as planned, since the whole reason I was getting him early was so he could work with Walter, and there is no working in the rain! Jasper was one tired boy, having stayed up till 4:30 this morning. He took a nap so that he’d be a little more rested when the rain stopped. I hear that the shield was a hit with the birthday boy.

I had a lot of prep work to do on my computer, since I start teaching another two-week class on Monday. Every time I teach a class I’ve already taught before, I try to make it better. I also got some revising done and some grading. Walter and Jasper left mid-afternoon to go do their yard jobs, since the rain had stopped. Spencer was gone all day at a water park celebrating Kat’s birthday with her and her twin sister and some other friends.

Lucy and I went on an excursion to get a couple of needed items. One of the items was a new hose. The dogs have destroyed our old hoses. No more keeping them in the back yard!

This evening I did more grading and prep work, and practiced and tuned my autoharp in readiness for church tomorrow. I also helped Lucy a little with her hair. I’m tired now . . .


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