Good Bee News

Today the primary thing on the agenda was making sure that Jasper got his gift made for his friend Isaac. He had an idea for a gift, and it required some help from both me and Walter. Isaac’s birthday party started this afternoon, so it was a pretty tight deadline.

What Jasper wanted to make was a shield for use in airsoft battles. Walter had a thin piece of plywood that was about the right size. Jasper wanted there to be a clear window in the shield so that his friend could see through it without exposing his face. I had a piece of clear acrylic that would work. We got paint and duct tape and a handle for the inside.

So, this morning Jasper was doing coats of spray paint. At lunchtime Walter was able to screw in the handle, after I had to make an emergency Walmart run for glue. We glued on the window, and then Jasper added duct tape. The final touch was the webbing loop on the back side for putting your arm through.

We got done just in time and set off for the party. It was a long hot drive, but we actually got there a bit early, which gave Jasper a little extra time with his friend. He doesn’t get to see Isaac very often anymore, and he really misses him.

Meanwhile, after I returned home, our friend Gus finally showed up to check on our beehive. I felt bad that Jasper wasn’t here, but relieved to find out that, as I suspected, our hive seems to be doing okay again. We think there is a new queen and the activity around the hive seems pretty normal. Whew!

Lucy and I have had a girls’ night in since Jasper is at a sleepover and Spencer is who knows where and Walter is laying wax for a floor contract.

Oh, and Flynn’s interview seemed to go okay. He doesn’t know yet if there will be a follow-up interview.

Parting Shots:

The shield front:

6-26-15 wood shield

And the back:

6-26-15 wood shield back

And a close-up of the green hair:

6-26-15 green hair


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