A Goodbye & A Shot in the Arm

Last night I learned some sad news when I checked Facebook. The mother of my childhood best friend Kumi passed away a week ago. Here is a photo Kumi’s twin sister posted:

Mrs. Bwanausi

I had so much admiration and respect for Mrs. Bwanausi (I usually just called her Mrs. Bwana for short).  She was always gracious and kind. She made me feel so welcome when I stayed with their family as a teenager. Fifteen years ago, when I had the chance to visit Zambia for a school reunion, I made sure to go visit her. She served me tea and insisted on giving me a gift. What a sweet lady. She spent the last few years of her life in California, where three of her four children now live. I am so glad she was surrounded by their love right up to the end.

Today I was up early again (yay me) and packing a couple of boxes. I have a chance to send some things to Lina via a friend, but they had to go in the mail today. I really hope they make it on time.

By 11:00 it was time for the seminar to start, but no one was here! Earlier this summer, some moms in one of my homeschool groups were discussing on Facebook how burned out they were, and I offered to host a video workshop by means of encouragement. The workshop is the “All Day Charlotte Mason Seminar,” presented by my friend Sonya Shafer of Simply Charlotte Mason. (Check out their website–so helpful!) Although I am not a dyed-in-the-wool Charlotte Mason devotee, I have always found this seminar so encouraging–a figurative shot in the arm. I really should watch it every summer!

Anyway, eventually four ladies came and we watched through the seminar (one lady had to leave early). We had some good discussions and I do believe we all felt encouraged by the end. I was by far the most experienced homeschooler of the bunch, so it did my heart good to see younger moms taking heart and gaining confidence. I may offer another showing of this seminar in August for those who weren’t able to make it today.

Once the seminar ended, I still had a bunch of critiquing to do for my critique group meeting tomorrow, not to mention preparing for my Story Quest class. Somehow my week “off” seems to be pretty busy!

And I have been obsessively checking my email every few minutes since this afternoon in hopes of hearing from Mercy. I will be anxious until I know that she arrived safely in Yanji after her very long train ride.

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