Goodbye, Hello

Yesterday was a long, long day for me. I had grading and class preparation to do, followed by teaching my last paragraph class, and then at 3:30 in the afternoon, Mercy and Bri and I set off for Dallas. It turns out that Bri lives on the far side of Dallas, so by the time we got there it was past 7:00!

Mercy and I said our goodbyes (sniff!) and then I left to return home. She spent the night with Bri and then Bri’s family took her to the airport today. I’ll be honest–I did not want to drive all the way home yesterday. I was hot and miserable and tired. I was also cranky and really, really wanted a fizzy beverage with caffeine in it. Unfortunately, I can’t drink soft drinks anymore.

Failing to think of a way to get back home without doing all the driving, I set off. It was a long drive. There were many troopers lying in wait along the way, but as I was observing the speed limit there was no problem there! I finally made it home at about 11:30. Whew!

After my long day yesterday, it was hard to get up and go to Walmart this morning, but of course I did it. One does what one must! Jasper came with me, seeing as he was the only offspring here. Afterwards, he and Walter went out to work and I tried to tackle some of the backlog of stuff I’ve got hanging over my head. So much to do!

At noon I went out in search of printer ink for Lina and found it. (I had tried a couple of other places that did not have it.) I rewarded myself by coming home for a late lunch with the Two Fat Ladies (a classic British cooking show). This is what I’ve come to. Not being able to eat almost anything that I enjoy, I watch other people make delectable food and then imagine how lovely it must taste!

Mercy texted me for the last time after she had boarded her plane for Amsterdam. I am hoping to have some word from her when I wake up in the morning.

Spencer and Lucy returned from their Colorado trip late in the afternoon and I drove over to the church to pick them up. They had a wonderful time. Spencer is severely sunburned, and also very scratched up, but he seems to feel it was worth it. It sounds like it was a very valuable week for both of them.

When Walter and Jasper got back from work, Walter had to turn around and leave to work on another job. This is a very busy time of year for him, and the next couple of weekends are going to be very stressful.

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