Adventure Awaits!

Forty-four years ago today, I was riding my bicycle as fast as I could around the block before going home to wash dishes, when my gear cable snapped. This caused my handlebars to spin around, which caused my bike to stop rather suddenly, which caused me to have a broken arm. Miserable and in considerable pain, I dragged my broken bike home, only to get in trouble for not having washed the dishes yet.

I don’t know why I remember the exact date after all these years, but today when I saw what day it was, I remembered. That was the first of my three broken arms. (Bet you didn’t know I have three arms!)

Today in class we worked on writing persuasive paragraphs, and the kids got to invent and promote a new kind of shampoo. This is an assignment that is usually popular.

After class, I had some errands to run, so I gritted my teeth and ran them. I had some stuff to do for both Lina and Mercy. One item eluded me, so I will have to make at least one more foray in the next couple of days.

Lucy called me while I was out and about. She and Spencer had their last full day in Colorado today. Spencer climbed a mountain. Lucy got sunburned knees. It’s nonstop adventure over there.

When I came home, I had to face the depressing task of making pizza by myself. Normally, I just make the sourdough for the crust and Lucy does the rest. Since she’s not here, I had to make the whole thing. It’s depressing for me since I love pizza but can never eat it again. At least not if I know what’s good for me. Apparently, I did a good job of making the pizza. While everyone else ate pizza, I had a sad little meat patty and some veggies.

This was Mercy’s last night at home for over seven weeks. She and Bri spent some time with their friends on campus and then Mercy came home to spend some time with us. We are going to miss her! I don’t know if you realize this, but she is a very courageous young lady. She is not going with a “group.” She is going as one person by herself, all the way to Beijing. From there she will be taking a train to a university in the far northeast of China, where she will be teaching English. She will be sharing a room with five Chinese girls who are trying to learn English. The good thing is that her friend Noelle (her Chinese roommate from her time in Korea) will be there at the university too. It should be quite an adventure!

One thought on “Adventure Awaits!

  1. Yes, I realize that YOU have reared a courageous young lady. Her courage and inner strength and grace comes from her professed Savior, Jesus Christ. Mercy is a glowing example to the Chinese world of what a true Christian is like. The best of ambassadors! I am humbled and honored that God placed her in my life to show that, even today, God has young people of strong convictions. Thank you for sharing her journey with us.


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