Girls’ Lunch

I made myself get up early again but that doesn’t mean my body was happy about it! I did get my class preparation done and an errand run before Mercy got home at noon. Since Mercy is leaving so soon I wanted to take her out to lunch before she left.

It was raining steadily and we didn’t have time to go to the other side of town, so we just went down to the Cracker Barrel and had a nice lunch. I tried to be very careful about what I ate (fish and veggies) but it was still bad for my blood sugar.

I got back in time to set up for class and then my students arrived. This is a fairly young group so I am teaching a little differently than I do for older students.

Later, I went up to Office Depot to get supplies. I really didn’t want to go. I find that after weeks of forced inaction,  I now resist going out. I need to work on that.

Mercy’s friend Bri arrived this afternoon. She’ll be staying with us till Friday and will ride into Dallas with us when I take Mercy. In honor of her arrival I made a nicer-than-normal dinner.

The news from Spencer is that he went fishing. The news from Lucy is that she saw a bear.

Please continue to pray that Flynn will find a job soon. It has been about a month since he lost his job.


One thought on “Girls’ Lunch

  1. You continue to encourage me with your daily struggles. I see much of myself ( having to work on going out….) and am comforted by the fact, not that someone else is going through much the same thing, but that I am not alone or the only one. You are in my prayers, both for physical well being and emotional strength as you struggle to find a balance in your daily life.
    I would really love to get together, Linda , and get to know you better.


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