Slime and Mexican Food

I turned over a new leaf today. I decided to start getting up early again and getting stuff done before everyone else gets up, instead of staying up late and getting stuff done after everyone goes to bed. This does not come naturally to me. I am really, really not a morning person. However, I have to admit that I do seem to get more done if I get up earlier and (I hope) go to bed earlier.

So I actually got a bunch of stuff done before breakfast and then after breakfast I remembered to look up a camp for Jasper. When our friend Lee was here on Friday, he mentioned that he still had space in his Slime Ka-Boom camp at the university, and Jasper was interested since the robotics camps had already filled up. Both Jasper and I thought the camp was in July.

I looked it up this morning, and found out that it started today. This very afternoon! I had to do something I normally try to avoid–call my husband at work and see if he could work it out, since he knows all the people involved. Jasper was pretty surprised to find out that he was going to camp today! By the way, he saves up his own money and pays his own way to go to academic camps.

Slime Ka-Boom is a science camp where they make cool stuff like slime and silly putty. Mercy and Lucy have both taken that camp and really enjoyed it. Jasper brought home some regular and glow-in-the-dark slime and was so delighted with them.

After Walter and Mercy got back from their cleaning job, I took Walter to the Mexican grocery store to buy supper. I have been there several times, and have even taken classes there, but Walter had never been and was feeling a little deprived because anyone who’s been there raves about the food. So we picked up some authentic tacos for supper, and Walter picked some baked goodies for dessert, and then came home and had a feast. Obviously I couldn’t have the dessert or the tortillas, but the meat and beans were delicious! We eat out so rarely that it always feels like a vacation to me when I don’t have to cook.

Spencer and Lucy left for Colorado with a church group yesterday and arrived there today after spending the night in Amarillo. Lucy has already texted me a couple of lovely photos of the camp where they are staying. I know they’re going to love it. They are there for a worldview camp.

And . . . (a drumroll would be appropriate here) I finished my 50 scales a day challenge! Yesterday was so busy that I never had a chance to do my scales, so I made today the seventh day and I got them done. That’s 350 scales and arpeggios in 7 days. Now I can just do a few scales a day and start practicing other stuff on my autoharp.


One thought on “Slime and Mexican Food

  1. You continue to amaze me with the amount of work you get finished every day! Knowing that you have recently had surgery and are fighting new health issues makes this even more amazing. Just shows what prayer can do, huh? You are an inspiration to me when I begin to feel a touch of self -pity about my own health issues. I don’t have such a bad time of it after all, I tell myself. Bet you never thought that you were an influence in this area of your life….but you are. Thanks for cataloging your journey.


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