The Little Green Notebook

This is probably going to elicit a “duh” from some of you, but I’m going to share it anyway. On our recent trip to Arkansas, I tried a new routine that worked very well. I had this cute little green notebook:

6-12-15 notebook

I kept it in my handbag, along with multiple writing implements, because I knew I’d be having to record my blood sugar readings four times a day, and it would be much too tiresome to haul out my computer and enter the numbers into a spreadsheet like I do at home.

The notebook ended up being my vacation database. I used book darts to divide it into sections. All my shopping lists and menus went into the notebook, along with directions and addresses and hours of places we might visit.

Once I got to the autoharp workshop, I used my handy little notebook to jot down the titles of songs I heard and liked so I could look them up later. When an instructor mentioned a helpful website, I noted that too. I also wrote down some songs (chords only) so I could practice them for homework.

I found that by the second day of focusing on music, my inner poet suddenly leapt to life, so I used the notebook to capture my poem ideas too.

I loved having this compact, low-tech way of keeping all the information together, and of course now it is a memento of my trip. I virtually always have some sort of notebook or blank cards in my purse, but this is the first time I’ve used a notebook in quite this way and I found it very handy.

Today I had a little setback healthwise, but I made it through my class and then was able to make some molasses spice cookies for our friend Lee before he got here to have dinner with us. Lee teaches science camps at the university, so tonight he brought a new science activity for us to do. We mixed two chemicals together in a cup and they foamed up to make “foam gnomes.” My photos were blurry so I will try again tomorrow. It was a lot of fun.


One thought on “The Little Green Notebook

  1. I keep a two-year day planner in my purse. Now I don’t make conflicting appointments and when someone asks if I am free at a certain time, I only check one place to reply. The empty pages in the back serve much as your little book – notes to self, ideas to explore later, etc. Love my little day planner and notes —– so, no, I don’t think you’re wierd! Smart lady!!!


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