The 50 Scale Challenge

One of the instructors at the autoharp workshop issued an interesting challenge. She said that if you play 50 scales and arpeggios a day for one week, your playing will greatly improve. 50 scales a day! Well, I was pretty embarrassed about not knowing my scales by heart, so I’m taking her up on the challenge.  She said it would take about 10 minutes a day. For her, maybe.  It took me almost an hour yesterday and maybe a little less today. My fingers hurt but I think it is starting to sink in. My primary issue is that when I played piano I learned to number my fingers 1-5 from thumb to pinky. For autoharp, I have to remember chord numbers instead. So a “1” would be the major chord, which is pressed by finger #3, and a “4” would be the fourth, which is pressed by finger #2, and a “5” would be the fifth, which is pressed by finger #4! So I’m having to unlearn my finger numbers because they are irrelevant.

Today was a challenging day. I’m still fighting a sinus infection, and I had two classes to teach, filling the whole afternoon. The worst part was when I started coughing, which led to gagging, which led to me making a dash to the bathroom to puke. I have an extremely sensitive gag reflex (since having  pneumonia over thirty years ago) and this is not unusual for me. My poor students weren’t sure how to react to my red-faced return. I will be so glad when I am rid of this annoying infection.

Parting Shot:

This morning I ventured into the side yard to see how my flame lilies were doing after that cold winter we had. Here’s what I found:

6-9-15 flame lilies

6-9-15 flame lily

It does my heart good to see them flourishing here so far from home, just like me!


One thought on “The 50 Scale Challenge

  1. I had to laugh, Linda. Getting rid of this nuisance? I hope you meant the sinus infection and not the classes. I’m looking forward to seeing you at Realm Makers. I think I’m going to take you off to a corner and just have a genuine chinwag. I need you!


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