Back to Real Life

Jumping back into real life after vacation is always hard. It is even harder when you wake up and realize that your cold has once again become a sinus infection. I struggled to get going this morning and start preparing for my class. Lucy also has a class this week, so I took her to that and then we stopped to pick up some meds because I am teaching all this week and next week and I need help if I’m going to survive it!

This afternoon I taught the first session of my summer paragraph class. I only have four students, but that is okay. I enjoy teaching this class and every time I do, I try to make it better.

Last night when Walter went to take a shower, he discovered that he had brought a hitchhiker from Arkansas–a tick. That was an unwelcome discovery! We soaked it in alcohol and eventually succeeded in removing it. I hope we got it all and that there won’t be any complications.

This morning Jasper went to check on his bees and found some bad news. They are experiencing a severe infestation of varroa mites, and the queen is gone, so either they swarmed or the queen died from the mites. There are some developing queen cells, but we really need to figure out what to do about the mites.

And now for a few photos from our trip. Most of the photos were taken by Lucy and Walter, since I wasn’t with them for most of the stuff they did, and I don’t have those yet. Here are a few I do have:

Indian Rock cave

The “inner cave” inside the Indian Rock Cave.

Kids in Indian Rock Cave

The kids goofing off in the cave.


Just a few of the stairs I had to climb to get back to the parking lot!

Raisins on the railing

After seeing the raccoon on the first night, the kids raided their bags of trail mix for the raisins which they don’t like and which I can no longer eat, and set them out on the balcony railing as an offering for the wildlife. Less than half of them were eaten.

pool with a view

The pool had a beautiful view over the lake.

feeding fish

Feeding the fish.

Feeding Frenzy

Proving that they fed the fish.

totem pole

By the totem pole.

Autoharp group photo

A whole room full of autoharp players, with the instructors in front.


One thought on “Back to Real Life

  1. Love the sign for the fish! How I wish I could have joined you; I love that corner of the world. Maybe some time when I’m home we can go on a family vacation again…


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